zondag 21 juli 2019

New Gutter Disease release: Citalopram Shunyata - Vanilla Bloodshame CD

GD17: Citalopram Shunyata - Vanilla Bloodshame CD
First full-length album of the Scatmother side-project dedicated to murky, textured and harsh, rumbling Noise. Featuring brand-new tracks as well as the first ones to have ever been recorded for this project, "Vanilla Bloodshame" explores incest and inner-family sexuality from various angles. From sadistic abuse to playful consensual experimentation, from Greek and German world literature to unartistic modern pornography. Co-release with Obsessive Fundamental Realism. Housed in diy OFR style packaging.

zaterdag 15 juni 2019

2 new Gutter Disease releases: Anatta & Chaos Cascade

GD15: Anatta
This tape, the first release of Anatta, contains about 26 minutes of drone. All tracks are untitled, as is the tape itself, but there is an intro and an outro, consisting of a kind of fleeting feedback, with a distant feeling. The other tracks have a fuller sound. While obviously repetitive, the use of several sound sources, such as distorted noises, guitarloops and metal junk, guarantees there's something to discover in the each track of this tape. While devoid of vocals, thematically this release is influenced by Buddhism and more specifically Death in the Buddhist Traditions. C30
Listen to a sample track here.

GD16: Chaos Cascade - Punishment & Lust
On this new release Chaos Cascade presents 3 tracks that go further in the same direction that was already started on the last couple of releases. Aside from the characteristic vocals, the Black/Death/Grind elements are gone, the result is a far less chaotic affair. Nevertheless the Industrial Noise/Power Electronics territory that's ventured into is no less disturbing. The noise of Chaos Cascade might change, it will however always expose the filthy mind of its creator. Pro-dubbed, 150 copies, C20. Gutter Disease
Listen to a sample track here.

vrijdag 20 oktober 2017

2 new Gutter Disease tape releases

GD11: Lithium Death Squad - The Mental Health tape is out now!
Lithium Death Squad is a Power Electronics project from Scotland and a continuation of Digitally Fuct. The Mental Health is the first physical release of this new project. The Mental Health presents 40 minutes of harsh, yet clear sounding Power Electronics and deals with mental problems the artist suffered from. Limited to 60 copies.
Sample track here.

GD12: Concrete Cunt - hnww tape is out now!
HNWW is the third Concrete Cunt release and presents a conceptual Harsh Noise Wall release with a very hands on approach. Limited to 30 copies.
Listen to a sample here.

woensdag 26 april 2017

Maskhead - Anonymous Sadism tape

GD09: Maskhead - Anonymous Sadism tape is out now!
Does the world needs more perverted Finnish Harsh Noise? Of course it does! Maskhead returns with a C20, this time more minimalistic and pedal based, spiced with some samples and a nice cover picture.

Listen to sample

vrijdag 24 maart 2017

Siege Electronics - New Resistance tape

GD10: Siege Electronics - New Resistance tape is now out!
Siege Electronics is a Scottish one man operation delivering Heavy Electronics. The project is only a couple years old, but has a prolific output, a lot of releases haven't been released in physical format though. Of the physical format, the tapes done by Vanguard Productions and Black Ring Rituals are the most notable. Thematically Siege Electronics deals with topics like f.e. nationalism and anti-imperialism on a global scale. While this is a lengthy release (over 70 min.) the use of samples, calmer as well as more intense parts, sparse vocals and the overal quality of the music keeps this release interesting.

Listen to Siege Electronics - Thought Criminal 2015.

zondag 1 januari 2017

Sewer Goddess patch

Gutter Disease is very proud to release the first official patch for the long running US Death Industrial outfit Sewer Goddess. Patches measure 10 x 7 cm and are limited to 120 copies.
Patches cost €4 + shipping, for further information e-mail gospelofashes AT gmail DOT com. They are also available through my distro Iron Scourge, which distributes several genres including Black/Death/Doom Metal, Power Electronics/Death Industrial, Noisecore... Visit here: https://ironscourge.blogspot.be.

zondag 3 april 2016

New release out now

Chaos Cascade - Filth Supremacy
Second Demo Tape by this obscure one-man project containing 5 tracks of bizarre grind/noise/hate/death/industrial. Nihilistic Holocaust Vomit Noise. Distortion Worship. Pro-tape, limited to 150 copies, first 30 come with a logo button.